Fuel Tax Recovery

For federal purposes, taxpayers may be eligible for refunds of tax paid on gallons of gasoline, diesel, and other fuels used in vehicles and equipment. Many states extend additional refund opportunities to vehicles licensed for on-road use, such as cement mixers and garbage trucks, and for specified activities, such as driving off-highway and idling. Companies with fleets in the transportation, distribution, refuse collection, construction, and oil and gas industries should have Brayn conduct a free assessment to determine whether they are missing significant tax savings.

Additionally, fuel resellers/marketers often require licenses and registrations in multiple jurisdictions to conduct business. The licensing and reporting process differs from state to state and from state to federal, which often leads to oversights and costly mistakes, including additional tax liabilities, penalties, and interest. For example, a single miscode of a truck delivery on a Form 720-CS incurs a $10,000 penalty, which may have been made on multiple reports over a series of months, snowballing quickly into a large sum. BRAYN works with taxpayers and the taxing authorities to help reduce or even eliminate the liability, penalty, and interest.