CELEBRATING 10 YEARS IN BUSINESS – a letter from Founder & CEO, Brady Bryan

Ten years ago, I began a journey with a simple mission: serve small to mid-sized businesses with specialty tax incentives under fixed-fee only engagements.

When Zachary, my third child, was born ten years and three months ago, holding and taking care of him gave me a new perspective on life. By the time I started BRAYN, I became convinced of one principal:

True value can only be found in the relationships formed – relationships formed because clients understand you are committed and in the same foxhole as them. The milestones and final product delivered to clients are mere representations of the value of that relationship.

This also holds true for the other relationships in our lives, including familial. This thinking and principal simply did not jive with the way of life I experienced at Big-4. Staying to 7, 8 or 9 (or later) at night just for facetime with management – commuting over an hour each way – but what additional value is delivered to the client? None.

Clients are served when they are listened to, and solutions generated and executed.

The last ten years have been a heck of a ride. We’ve grown to about 20 folks in six states and serving clients in many more than that. I am beyond humbled by the folks that proudly call themselves “BRAYNiacs”, by our amazing clients that put their trust in us, and the CPAs that call us friends and partners. The relationships formed over the last ten years are the true currency for me and BRAYN.

I am so thankful for these relationships – with my family, the BRAYNiacs, my mentors, and the honorary BRAYNiacs (Clients and CPAs).

Thank you and here’s to the next ten years!


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