Startups and R&D Tax Credits: The Perfect Pair

You’ve done it! You have taken the leap and started your own company. Maybe it’s a new software program with an innovative AI model, or a new vertically-focused SaaS tool. In the early days, you are busy recruiting engineering talent, pitching potential customers, and trying to raise a Seed round from angel investors and venture…

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Hold that Panic Button: Despite IRS focus shifting to different issues, R&D Tax Credits still strong for A&E Service Firms

Brayn Consulting

By Justin DiLauro, Partner, BRAYN Consulting LLC Since the elimination of the “discovery test” in the early 2000s, Architecture and Engineering (A&E) design service firms have been and continue to be excellent candidates for R&D Tax Credits.  It took almost a decade for the application of R&D Tax Credits to A&E firms to be tested…

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Maximizing R&D Tax Credits with Controlled Group Analytics

Brayn Consulting, LLC

By Julia Sosa and Justin DiLauro Companies claiming an R&D tax credit receive a dollar-for-dollar reduction in their tax liability based on the qualified research activities undertaken and the associated qualified research expenses (QREs) related to those activities. However, many owners, officers, and CPAs of companies across all industries often find themselves being talked out…

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